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Cable Bracket - Chrysler for TF727 or 904 Transmissions APPLICATION: For TF727 or 904 transmissions (with rear entry cable shifters - all Bandit series)....more details
Part #: 10494
Price: $28.09
Replacement trigger for B&M Magnum Grip automatic shifter part numbers 81040, 81041, 81045, 81046 and 81050....more details
Part #: 80868
Price: $32.54
Small trigger replacement for 80793/80794 Pro Bandit....more details
Part #: 80839
Price: $28.91
Service Part: Upper Pawl Spring for B&M QuickSilver, Console QuickSilver, and Console Hammer Shifters....more details

Part #: 80637
Price: $7.27

Lens insert for B&M shifter knob part numbers 46110 and 46112....more details
Part #: 80846
Price: $20.02
Pro Ratchet Stealth (black) Aluminum Cover is a service part for the Pro Ratchet line of B&M racing shifters. It is a lightweight aluminum cover that is black anodized f...more details

Part #: 81122
Price: $59.84