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This universal remote button and spiral cord is a great all-around unit and is ideal for bracket racing. They are designed for use with trans-brake, launch control, and n...more details
Part #: 46003
Price: $67.30
The B&M remote mushroom cap button and cord assembly contain a lightweight spiral cord and have a bounce-free operation. They are also ideal for Full and Pro Tree applica...more details
Part #: 46013
Price: $73.45
When swapping the TH-400 into any vehicle, this kit makes installation of the transmission kickdown feature a snap. Mounts to either a TH-700 or TH-350 throttle cable bra...more details
Part #: 20297
Price: $57.60
Power switch For GM Clutch Converters, 1981 to 1991 Application: 1981 to 1989 GM TH-700R4 1981 to 1991 TH-2004R, 200C and 350C Operate your vehicle as a standard type tor...more details

Part #: 80217
Price: $59.45

Temperature sensor with harness for B&M Hi-Tek Coolers, includes temperature sensor with wiring harness. Replacement part for B&M Hi-Tek cooler part numbers 70297 and 702...more details

Part #: 70200
Price: $67.10

This B&M throttle position sensor is used for carbureted engines. Replacement piece for B&M transmission controller part number 120001 only....more details
Part #: 120002
Price: $194.01
Replacement internal wiring harness for GM 4L80E automatic transmissions....more details

Part #: 120003
Price: $167.64