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Trigger APPLICATION: 80675 StarShifter, 80680 Truck MegaShifter, 80681 Z-Gate, 80685 MegaShifter RHD, 80690 MegaShifter....more details
Part #: 80837
Price: $19.63
Replacement black plastic skirt cover for B&M's popular Z-Gate shifter (PN 80681)....more details
Part #: 80646
Price: $22.66
Back-up Light Switch Kit APPLICATION: For all StarShifters and Z-Gate Shifters The B&M Back-Up Light Switch Kit will enable you to use your back up lights when in reverse...more details
Part #: 80580
Price: $27.29
Chrome Top Cover APPLICATION: 80681 Z-Gate....more details
Part #: 80645
Price: $19.46