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Replacement black plastic skirt cover for B&M's popular Truck Megashifter (PN 80680)....more details
Part #: 80727
Price: $61.77
This is a replacement skirt for the B&M MegaShifter and SportShifter. Replacing a broken or worn skirt helps bring the look of your interior back to life. Features durabl...more details
Part #: 80665
Price: $44.79
Trigger APPLICATION: 80675 StarShifter, 80680 Truck MegaShifter, 80681 Z-Gate, 80685 MegaShifter RHD, 80690 MegaShifter....more details
Part #: 80837
Price: $19.63
Neutral Safety Switch Kit - Pro Stick CNC machined aluminum plate with integral 12-volt button APPLICATION: Pro Stick....more details
Part #: 80844
Price: $24.46
Quick Disconnect and Cable Extension APPLICATION: For all Bandit shifters when used in rear engine dragsters....more details
Part #: 80323
Price: $46.10
Gate Plate 3-Speed Standard Pattern APPLICATION: Pro Stick, Pro Bandit, Street Bandit, Composite X (Included with 80701 and 80706 shifters) 3-Speed Standard Pattern....more details
Part #: 80711
Price: $25.58
Replacement chrome top cover for B&M Pro Ratchet automatic shifter part numbers 80840 and 80842....more details

Part #: 80821
Price: $59.84

B&M cable bracket fits GM Powerglide transmissions....more details
Part #: 70460
Price: $15.62
Shifter Stick APPLICATION: 80692 Console MegaShifter, 80694 Console MegaShifter....more details
Part #: 80695
Price: $58.82
B&M transmission bracket for General Motors 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L80E and 4L85E automatic transmissions with a PRNDL style switch....more details
Part #: 70499
Price: $18.68
Cable Bracket, GM (Bandit style shifters only) APPLICATION: For TH-400, 350, 250, 200, 700R4, 200-4R with 80797, 80798 or 81050 shifter....more details
Part #: 30498
Price: $17.39
Indicator Window or Decal Standard Pattern APPLICATION: 80683/80676 QuickSilver, 80688 Console QuickSilver....more details
Part #: 80672
Price: $11.96
Indicator Window or Decal Standard Pattern APPLICATION: 80680 Truck MegaShifter, 80685 MegaShifter RHD, 80690 MegaShifter, 80692 Console MegaShifter, 80694 Console MegaSh...more details

Part #: 80696
Price: $12.15

Replacement indicator cable for B&M's Megashifter (PN80690) and Truck Megashifter (PN 80680)....more details
Part #: 80814
Price: $19.02
Floor mount bracket for all B&M Bandit shifters....more details
Part #: 80884
Price: $24.35