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Replacement aluminum cover for your B&M Pro Stick....more details
Part #: 80717
Price: $74.82
Bracket and Lever Kit APPLICATION: For Ford C4 transmissions....more details
Part #: 50498
Price: $27.86
12-ft. Super duty cable (eyelet/thread) Rotary-swaged ends Less than .015 per foot backlash Supplied with Pro Ratchet, Pro Stick and Pro Bandit but can be used on all B&M...more details
Part #: 80836
Price: $83.76
Cable Bracket, GM APPLICATION: For TH400, 350, 250, 200, 700R4, 2004R transmissions....more details
Part #: 30499
Price: $17.39
Bracket and Lever Kit APPLICATION: Chrysler 1966 and later 727 or 904 Torqueflite and AMC 1972 and later Torque Command trans....more details

Part #: 10497
Price: $37.43

Bracket and Lever Kit for Ford C6 automatic transmissions....more details
Part #: 40497
Price: $27.89
Cable Bracket - Powerglide (Bandit style shifters only) APPLICATION: For Powerglide with Pro Bandit (Composite X and Magnum Grip) and rear entry cable....more details
Part #: 70469
Price: $28.09
CO2 Ram Cylinder for all B&M Pro Bandit race shifters Comes with stainless steel plunger and rubber stop. Ram stroke is 1.5 inches....more details
Part #: 80883
Price: $85.98
Powerglide Pro Lever APPLICATION: For all B&M 2 speed shifters....more details

Part #: 70465
Price: $43.57

Swivel and Pin APPLICATION: For all B&M levers....more details
Part #: 80638
Price: $9.69
Black Plastic Cover Skirt APPLICATION: 80675 StarShifter, 80683/80676 QuickSilver....more details
Part #: 80617
Price: $44.79
T-handle black plastic T-Handle packages include thread inserts to fit 1/2-20, 3/8-24, 3/8-16, and 5/16-18 SAE thread shifters. All B&M automatic shifters have 1/2-20 thr...more details
Part #: 80642
Price: $21.42
Hammer Head T-Handle Chrome plated Hammer Head T-handle with SAE inserts (for most B&M shifters excluding manual shifters) includes SAE thread adapters that fit 1/2-20, 3...more details
Part #: 80741
Price: $44.11
QuickSilver Billet Knob CNC machined billet aluminum knob includes engraved insert with B&M logo. Adapters included with the knob fit 1/2-20, 3/8-24, 3/8-16 and 5/16-18 S...more details

Part #: 80534
Price: $60.95

Neutral Reverse Micro Switch APPLICATIONS: For use with 80701/80702/80706 Pro Stick, 80793/80794 Pro Bandit, 81040/81041 Magnum Grip, 81045/81046 Magnum Grip....more details
Part #: 80609
Price: $11.33