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Part #: 80629
Price: $11.71

This kit allows installation of the 81001 and 81002 shifter to fit a C-4 transmission....more details
Part #: 81020
Price: $91.27
10-ft. Super duty cable (eyelet/thread) Rotary-swaged ends Less than .015 per foot backlash Supplied with Pro Ratchet, Pro Stick and Pro Bandit but can be used on all B&M...more details
Part #: 80835
Price: $78.65
Unimatic 6-ft Blue Jacket cable Application: Recommended for Chryslers Pre-lubed for smooth operation Proper clearance to reduce backlash .25outer diameter blue ?long lay...more details
Part #: 80740
Price: $39.85
Gate Plate 4-speed Forward Pattern APPLICATION: (TH700-R4 and 200-4R) Pro Stick, Pro Bandit, Street Bandit, Composite X 4-speed Forward Pattern....more details
Part #: 80712
Price: $25.58
Replacement rubber boot for B&M Megashifter....more details
Part #: 80668
Price: $25.22
Trans Lever APPLICATION: For GM TH400, 350, 250, 200, 700R4, 2004R, 4L60E and 4L80E transmissions....more details
Part #: 20462
Price: $15.27
Replacement 2-speed forward and reverse pattern Gate Plate for Pro Stick and Pro Bandit Shifters....more details
Part #: 80713
Price: $64.75
Bracket and Lever Kit APPLICATION: For GM 1962 to 1973 Powerglide without T.V. Hole....more details
Part #: 70497
Price: $62.73
Bracket and Lever Kit for General Motors 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L80E and 4L85E automatic transmissions with a PRNDL style switch....more details
Part #: 75498
Price: $29.14
This B&M Universal T-handle fits most B&M and aftermarket shifters. Kit includes thread inserts to fit 1/2-20, 3/8-24, 3/8-16 and 5/16-18 SAE....more details
Part #: 80643
Price: $36.09
Replacement 3-speed reverse pattern Gate Plate for Pro Stick and Pro Bandit Shifters....more details
Part #: 80710
Price: $24.74
STEALTH side plate with integral 12-volt button. Fits all B&M Magnum Grip shifters. Button can activate two step ignition, transbrake or nitrous system. Works with 12 vol...more details
Part #: 81063
Price: $81.00
Shifter Knob High impact plastic, stain resistant white knob. Ideal for most shifters. Knob includes a clear lens and B&M logo insert. Fits 1/2-20, 3/8-24, 3/8-16 and 5/1...more details
Part #: 46110
Price: $26.49
6-ft. Automatic Performance Shifter Cables Properly clearanced to reduce backlash .250outer diameter ?long lay' outer jacket These cables are supplied with most B&M shift...more details
Part #: 80506
Price: $58.02