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This B&M Precision Shifter has all of the features a performance minded driver requires. Adjustable upper stick, aluminum base, glass filled nylon pivot ball and short th...more details
Part #: 45043
Price: $276.55
Perfect shifts are meant for one of the best sports car of today! With precision engineered throw reduction, combined with ultra durable components, you can be sure these...more details

Part #: 45044
Price: $284.81

An American engineered shifter for American engineered muscle! This B&M Precision Sport Shifter shortens your throw 30 percent, for quicker, smoother, more positive shift...more details
Part #: 45052
Price: $251.12 $197.89
With precision engineered throw reduction, you can be sure this shifter will match the performance of your Corvette! Smoother, more precise shifts, spherical pivot bearin...more details

Part #: 45034
Price: $284.81