B&M Racing introduces the new Precision SportShifter for 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK models equipped with the NSG370 6-speed manual transmission. The unit features a cnc b...more details
Part #: 45195
Price: $469.99

B&M Precision aftermarket shifters; put one in your Honda Civic and find out what 50 plus years worth of engineering know-how can do for you. It features a 303 stainless...more details
Part #: 45047
Price: $62.37
This B&M Precision Shifter has all of the features a performance minded driver requires. Adjustable upper stick, aluminum base, glass filled nylon pivot ball and short th...more details
Part #: 45043
Price: $268.51
The B&M Precision Shifter for the 180, 200, 240 SX and Skyline has all of the features a performance minded driver requires. The finest materials coupled with a 40 percen...more details
Part #: 45088
Price: $252.04
An exceptional shifter engineered for the Wrangler driver. This Sport Shifter has all of the features a performance minded driver requires. The finest materials, CAD desi...more details
Part #: 45048
Price: $247.37
If Porsche entrusts B&M to make their OEM Sport Shifter, shouldn't you? Developed specifically for the mighty 911s, Boxsters, and Cayman to shorten the throw by 35 percen...more details
Part #: 45135
Price: $315.07
Perfect shifts are meant for one of the best sports car of today! With precision engineered throw reduction, combined with ultra durable components, you can be sure these...more details
Part #: 45044
Price: $276.52
Perfect companion for a legendary name-plate, the B&M shifter tightens up the factory tolerances and provides a sportier feel to the action between gates. This is a must ...more details
Part #: 45163
Price: $233.40
B&M puts the Sport back in the SUV with this rendition of the Precision Sport Shifter for Jeep Wrangler. It is professional, durable, and dependable, Just like the Wrangl...more details
Part #: 45059
Price: $261.30
This B&M Precision Sport Shifter for B&MW 3and5 series cars packs a 20% to 25% reduction in throw for the ultimate in smooth short shifter technology. Two piece 416 Stai...more details
Part #: 45126
Price: $240.42
The B&M Pro Ripper for the Mustang is the top of the line shifter providing smooth precise shifts along with shorter throws. The 3 piece top stick can be mounted on eithe...more details
Part #: 45070
Price: $302.96
B&M brings you a complete assembly with re-engineered pivot bearing and stainless steel stick for precision control, solid engagement and long term durability for your Au...more details
Part #: 45114
Price: $229.74 $186.47

The benchmark Precision Sport Shifter from B&M includes many of the key features found in the top of the line models. Stainless steel and billet aluminum along with a 30 ...more details
Part #: 45050
Price: $222.56 $180.64

An American engineered shifter for American engineered muscle! This B&M Precision Sport Shifter shortens your throw 30 percent, for quicker, smoother, more positive shift...more details
Part #: 45052
Price: $243.80
With precision engineered throw reduction, you can be sure this shifter will match the performance of your Corvette! Smoother, more precise shifts, spherical pivot bearin...more details
Part #: 45034
Price: $276.52