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Cable Bracket, Ford (Bandit style shifters only) APPLICATION: For C6 with 80797, 80798 or 81050 shifter....more details
Part #: 40489
Price: $15.62
Indicator Window or Decal Standard Pattern APPLICATION: 80675 StarShifter....more details
Part #: 80849
Price: $7.67
Cable Bracket - Ford APPLICATION: For C4 transmissions....more details
Part #: 50499
Price: $13.32
Replacement ram bumper for all B&M Pro Bandit automatic shifters using a CO2 ram cylinder....more details
Part #: 80881
Price: $17.85
B&M Cast Aluminum Differential Covers are designed to strengthen the differential by preventing case distortion and ring gear & bearing cap deflection. Constructed of A35...more details

Part #: 40298
Price: $209.99

Replacement top cover for B&M Hammer shifter part numbers 80885 and 81001....more details
Part #: 80893
Price: $49.12
Cable Bracket - Ford (Bandit style shifters only) APPLICATION: For C4 with 80797, 80798 or 81050 shifter...more details
Part #: 50488
Price: $13.32
Replacement internal wiring harness for GM 4L80E automatic transmissions....more details

Part #: 120003
Price: $167.64

Replacement top cover for B&M's popular console Megashifter (PN 80692)....more details
Part #: 80663
Price: $25.52
Chrome-Plastic Cover for 81025 is a service part for the 68-69 Camaro Console Quicksilver. Whether the Chrome-Plastic Cover is worn-out, damaged, or missing… this cover...more details
Part #: 81027
Price: $27.13
Shifter Stick APPLICATION: For use on 80675 StarShifter....more details
Part #: 80588
Price: $57.74
This is a service part for the 81035 Console MegaShifter Kit 68-69 Camaro. Made available to purchase seperately to replace the existing cover which may have been scratch...more details
Part #: 81037
Price: $26.30
Replacement indicator decal with a reverse or standard shift pattern for B&M Magnum Grip automatic shifter part numbers 81040, 81041, 81045, 81046 and 81050....more details
Part #: 80869
Price: $7.67
Cable Bracket - Chrysler for TF727 or 904 Transmissions APPLICATION: For TF727 or 904 transmissions (with rear entry cable shifters - all Bandit series)....more details
Part #: 10494
Price: $28.09
Filter extension for B&M deep pan part number 10280. Helps lower the filter to the bottom of a deeper than stock pan....more details
Part #: 10279
Price: $49.67