BM Products
The B&M Precision Shifter for the 180, 200, 240 SX and Skyline has all of the features a performance minded driver requires. The finest materials coupled with a 40 percen...more details
Part #: 45088
Price: $252.04
This B&M knob comes with a 12V button that may be used to activate transbrake, launch control, nitrous or two step ignition control. Includes clear lens and B&M logo ins...more details
Part #: 46112
Price: $70.74
Replacement 4' Shifter Cable for most B&M Shifters. Eyelet end at shifter, 10-32 thread end at transmission....more details
Part #: 80604
Price: $57.54

B&M's superior grade of hard core super duty race cables have up to 50% less backlash than competitive cables. 6ft. overall length. Will Work with all B&M Race Shifters....more details
Part #: 80834
Price: $69.40
When swapping the TH-400 into any vehicle, this kit makes installation of the transmission kickdown feature a snap. Mounts to either a TH-700 or TH-350 throttle cable bra...more details
Part #: 20297
Price: $55.92

The B&M Shift Improver Kit the easiest way to get the performance you've always wanted out of your automatic transmission, two modes to select from: Heavy Duty, or Street...more details
Part #: 70239
Price: $49.03
Our Pro stick applications without cover! You can customize your Pro Stick application with your own cover, or with one of our Pro Stick accessories for a custom install,...more details
Part #: 80702
Price: $285.49

This kit allows you to adjust the shift points of your transmission after it is installed in your vehicle. The Governor Recalibration Kit is very useful if you have a veh...more details
Part #: 20248
Price: $74.85

An exceptional shifter engineered for the Wrangler driver. This Sport Shifter has all of the features a performance minded driver requires. The finest materials, CAD desi...more details
Part #: 45048
Price: $247.37
The ultimate shifter for automatic transmission equipped street vehicles! The Hi-Tek Street bandit has all the same feature as the above Street Bandit line of shifters, ...more details
Part #: 80797
Price: $469.46
The ultimate narrow profile black anodized racing shifter, with a rear exiting cable, featuring a gate type mechanism. Narrow, lightweight, easy to operate and fully poli...more details
Part #: 81112
Price: $483.06
The Holeshot Converter is a very good choice for the typical street machine that is looking for better launch capability and more strength. With a furnace brazed turbine...more details
Part #: 10425
Price: $690.19

The BandM Console QuickSilver Shifter for 1968-1969 Camaro is a top of the line ratchet action shifter that provides performance without a trigger. To get into park or re...more details
Part #: 81025
Price: $287.27
Add fluid capacity to your transmission. Extra fluid means more cooling, and more cooling means better efficiency and performance. Add life to your transmission with a B&...more details
Part #: 40295
Price: $226.22

If Porsche entrusts B&M to make their OEM Sport Shifter, shouldn't you? Developed specifically for the mighty 911s, Boxsters, and Cayman to shorten the throw by 35 percen...more details
Part #: 45135
Price: $315.07