BM Products
The ultimate shifter for most 2,3 or 4. Speed applications with or without air or CO2 shifters! Reverse lockout feature meets NHRA/IHRA requirements. Precise gate action ...more details
Part #: 81040
Price: $371.61
HEAVY DUTY-Firm positive shifts without loss of driver comfort for improved performance in all street vehicles. STREET/STRIP-Positive shifts for high performance street u...more details
Part #: 30262
Price: $42.37
Part #: 80641
Price: $30.08
HoleShot 2000 for GM 1965 to 1991 TH400, 425, 375 and 1968 to 1981 TH350, 375B (not 350C) Application: HoleShot 2000 for GM 1965 to 1991 TH400, 425, 375 and 1968 to 1981 ...more details
Part #: 20416
Price: $304.63
B&M's superior grade of hard core super duty race cables feature a .375 O.D. red long layouter jacket and have up to 50% less backlash than competitive cables. These cabl...more details
Part #: 80833
Price: $66.42
The B&M Console Megashifter features a Ratcheting action, ensuring positive shifts. Chrome Knob, Neutral safety switch and NHRA/IHRA Approved reverse lockout. Fits 73-81 ...more details
Part #: 80694
Price: $344.16
Add fluid capacity to your transmission. Extra fluid means more cooling, and more cooling means better efficiency and performance. Add life to your transmission with a B&...more details
Part #: 20280
Price: $158.07
B&M launch controls can be used to control either your front or rear brakes. They're intended primarily as brake-locking devices for drag racing, but they also can be use...more details
Part #: 46076
Price: $98.72
Most transmission and converter failures can be traced directly to excessive heat. B&M temperature Gauge comes with a light kit, color coded dial face, all wires and term...more details
Part #: 80212
Price: $61.20
The B&M console Quicksilver shifter has been designed for a perfect fit in the factory automatic center console for 1973 to 1981 Chevrolet Camaros and 1970 to 1981 Pontia...more details

Part #: 80688
Price: $301.27

B&M Transkits give you the same high-quality components that are used in all B&M Street and Strip transmissions. They also include special directions on how to modify you...more details
Part #: 30229
Price: $266.49
Heavy Duty Flexplate fits: Chevrolet - '55-'85 SB V8 and 90 deg. V6 with 168 tooth ring gear and 10-34 in. or 11-12 in b.c. exc. 400Chevrolet - '90 and earlier Chevrolet ...more details
Part #: 20230
Price: $104.22
HoleShot 2400 for GM 1993 to 1996 TH700R4 (30 spline) and 1984 to 1993 4L60E (30 spline) Application: HoleShot 2400 for GM 1993 to 1996 TH700R4 (30 spline) and 1984 to 19...more details
Part #: 70419
Price: $511.67
Pro Bandit features a CNC Machined 6061-T6 Body, rear exit cable, NHRA/IHRA approved reverse lockout. Fits rear engine dragsters using a Powerglide....more details
Part #: 80793
Price: $509.99