BM Products
Replacement indicator window with a decal for standard shift patterns. Fits B&M Hammer shifter part numbers 80885 and 81001....more details
Part #: 80895
Price: $15.91

Replacement indicator light for B&M Hammer shifter part numbers 80885 and 81001....more details
Part #: 80896
Price: $14.82
Replacement indicator cable with pointer for B&M Hammer shifter part numbers 80885 and 81001....more details
Part #: 80897
Price: $21.18
B&M Racing's new replacement shift window indicator lens for the QuickSilver automatic ratchet shifter part #80603. The indicator lens is clear with white letters and num...more details
Part #: 80898
Price: $12.97
The Hammer has been designed to fit the stock factory full console for 94-04 Mustangs with the AOD and AODE transmission. It has a full ratchet action mechanism for posit...more details
Part #: 81001
Price: $273.95
The B&M Hammer features a ratcheting action, NHRA/IHRA reverse lockout, neutral safety switch, backup light switch, lighted gear indicator and polished aluminum T-Handle ...more details
Part #: 81002
Price: $202.95
This kit allows installation of the 81001 and 81002 shifter to fit a C-4 transmission....more details
Part #: 81020
Price: $88.62
The BandM Console QuickSilver Shifter for 1968-1969 Camaro is a top of the line ratchet action shifter that provides performance without a trigger. To get into park or re...more details
Part #: 81025
Price: $287.27
Black (Textured) Cover for 68-69 Camaro Console Quicksilver is designed as an alternative to the chrome cover that is included with the 68-69 Camaro Console Quicksilver. ...more details
Part #: 81026
Price: $33.28

Chrome-Plastic Cover for 81025 is a service part for the 68-69 Camaro Console Quicksilver. Whether the Chrome-Plastic Cover is worn-out, damaged, or missing… this cover...more details
Part #: 81027
Price: $26.34
This B&M MegaShifter is designed to fit the console of a 1968-1969 Chevrolet Camaro. It features full ratchet action performance, a lighted gear position indicator, chrom...more details
Part #: 81035
Price: $291.19
This is a service part for the 81035 Console MegaShifter Kit 68-69 Camaro. Made available to purchase seperately to replace the existing cover which may have been scratch...more details
Part #: 81037
Price: $25.53
The ultimate shifter for most 2,3 or 4. Speed applications with or without air or CO2 shifters! Reverse lockout feature meets NHRA/IHRA requirements. Precise gate action ...more details
Part #: 81040
Price: $360.78