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Transmission Accessories, Converter Lockup Controller
Part #: 70244
Category: Transmission Accessories
Description: Transmission Accessories, Converter Lockup Controller
Installation: Download PDF
Product Specification
Application Summary Works with GM automatic transmissions using a lockup style torque converter and a mechanical speedometer. GM TH-700, 200, 200-4R, 350 and 4L60
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Features The B&M converter lockup controller provides dash-mounted control to govern converter lockup at any speed between 30 and 90 mph. These kits eliminate converter lock and unlock cycling and premature unwanted converter lockup.
  • Dash mounted control for speeds between 30 to 90 mph
  • Controlled
  • LED indicates locked or unlocked
  • Includes manual override switch
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Product Attributes
Title: B&M 70244 Transmission Accessories, Converter Lockup ControllerSpeedometer: Analog
Manual Override: YesInstructions Included: Yes
Indicator Light: YesAdditional Contents: Speed controller, electrical connectors, pulse generator, speedometer cable, instructions