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Torque Converter, Nitrous Holeshot 3800
Part #: 20485
Category: Torque Converters
Description: Torque Converter, Nitrous Holeshot 3800
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Product Specification
Application Summary Fits vehicles with GM TH400, TH425, TH375 & TH350 Automatic Transmissions
Features B&M Nitrous HoleShot 3800 stall for GM 1965 to 1991 TH400, TH425, TH375 and 1968 to 1981 TH350, TH375B (not TH350C.) The Nitrous Holeshot 3800 stall converter is an excellent choice for vehicles with engine modifications, particularly big cams that tend to reduce low end power and torque. The higher stall speed of this converter will launch the car in a higher rpm range where more torque is readily available, resulting in quicker acceleration. Nitrous Holeshot converters feature furnace brazed impeller and turbine, new precision steel alloy pump drive tube, new heavy duty needle bearings between the stator and impeller (not a thrust washer) and needle bearings between the stator and turbine. Other features include dual pattern 10.75 and 11.50 inch drive lugs, a new turbine hub, new springs and rollers in the stator and anti-balloon plates. The anti-balloon plates will allow these converters to stand up to the instant horsepower a nitrous plate system delivers. Stall speed listings are based on engines producing 230lb. ft. of torque at 2,500 rpm. More torque at 2,500 rpm will give you more stall speed, less torque at 2,500 rpm will give you less stall speed than the stall speed ratings indicated.
  • Steel Alloy Pump Drive Tube
  • Needle Bearing Between Stator and Turbine
  • Higher Stall Speed, Quicker Acceleration
  • Furnace Brazed Impeller and Turbine
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Product Attributes
Automotive Item Grade: High PerformanceTransmission Model: TH400, TH425, TH375, TH350
Stall Speed: 3500-3800Torque Converter Series: Nitrous Holeshot
Crank Pilot Diameter (in): 1.71FlexPlate Bolt Circle: 10-3/4", 11-1/2"
Mounting Studs: NoLockup Type: No
Anti Balloon Plate: YesPackage Contents: Torque Converter, Mounting Hardware